The e-Bike

What are pedal assisted bicycles

Ebike is the generic name used to identify all bicycles equipped with an electric motor.
There are two distinct types:

  • pedal assisted bicycles
  • electric bicycles.

The first ones, also called -eBike- have an engine that is activated only when pedaling.
The electric bicycle, on the other hand, also works without pushing on the pedals.
The engine is limited to a maximum speed of 25 km / h and the maximum continuous rated power is 250 watts.
After this limit the battery stops operating.
The Road Code has included the E-bikes as bicycles in all respects, usable without the need for registration or insurance.

Electric bicycles have an auxiliary engine with higher power and are therefore subject to the approval of two-wheeled vehicles.
The pedal assisted bicycle is very quiet and has no polluting emissions during operation.

maximum power of the electric motor: 0.25 kW
power interrupted when reaching 25 km / h

The advantages

The reasons are many depending on the use made of the vehicle.
The electric bike has low running costs and allows the biker to move quickly and easily without effort, especially uphill where the thrust must be greater.
However, the e-bikes are suitable for every use. Citizen or bicycle touring.
The full-suspension bike is a model that in the mountains, in the presence of important differences in level, brings great benefit to the knees and tired muscles.


How many kilometers does an electric battery last?
Many of you will evaluate the power expressed by the engine in relation to the kilometers but the type of autonomy depends on numerous factors: amount of energy, age and type of battery, engine power, weight of the cyclist, level and power selected, wind, type of climb, type of tire .. As you can see, it is extremely difficult to establish how much autonomy each vehicle can have, exactly, regardless of the driver and the vehicle itself.

How does an electric bike work?

The electric motor can be placed in various positions on the bicycle: inside the rear hub or front, or in a central position on the frame.
The battery is installed on the oblique tube of the bike, instead of the traditional water bottle.
The Haibike engine is a Yamaha PW-System, 250W and is operated by an electronic control unit.
The more pedals strong, the more the battery helps you.